About Qiratt

Bringing Exploration To Everyone 

Qiratt is an online store which promises its customers state-of-the-art camping gear for the best prices in the industry. Qiratt engineers its tents with an unwavering commitment to perfection, using only premium materials. We go the extra mile in delivering premium quality products for the most affordable prices in the industry. So what that means for you is quality, comfort and durability for years to come. 

Weekday CEO to Weekend Voyager

     Qiratt's story began with a seasoned businessman who sought to find solace from the stresses of his daily responsibilities running his several businesses. It took one youtube clip of Jeeps venturing through the mountains and a group of buddies setting up their roof top tent campground to get him hooked.

     He started ordering camping gear, opening and testing out every piece of gear like an excited kid. He'd show his friends and family all their cool uses for camping. After getting his very own roof top tent along with all the other camping gear goodies, he set out to the Delaware Water Gap on his new Toyota Tundra. It was during a single weekend that camping quickly became a passion of his.

     After thousands of hours of camping adventures, research through forums, and engaging with the camping community, he noticed a lack of a middle ground in the camping industry. Either the gear that was affordable was skimped out on good quality, or the gear that was decent quality was way overpriced. Using his decades of experience in business and his large network, he put together Qiratt, the solution of reliable, premium yet affordable camping.

Setting Course To A Brighter Future

We are fueled by our passion to empower hardworking individuals like you to venture into the great outdoors, where you truly belong. In today's fast-paced world, the desire to simplify our lives and escape, if only for a while, is a shared sentiment. You're not alone in seeking solace in nature.

We like to call our customers Chiefs because purchasing a tent is a symbol of courage and leadership. They don't merely dream of exploration and then return to their dreadful week-long routines. Instead, they lead themselves and their communities in the right direction—out there, exploring, forging bonds, creating memories, and spreading positive energy.

Qiratt’s mission is to grow a community of chiefs who explore, connect and create a brighter future! Join us at Qiratt, not just as customers but as valued members of our adventurous family. When you choose us, you choose to embark on a journey of discovery, empowerment, and positive change. We're more than a brand; we're your partners in adventure.
Welcome to Qiratt. Now let's get out there and explore!